About us

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


For over a decade we have been focussing on facial aesthetic surgery in the Coupure Centre for Plastic Surgery in Gent. We have also been organizing teaching courses in this subspecialty since 1999.

Our first gatherings, the "Coupure Seminars" as they were then called, were mainly directed at a regional and national audience. When we launched our first book in 2004, "The MACS-lift Short Scar Rhytidectomy", we were given the opportunity of gathering a distinguished international faculty.
Our goal was to share and discuss ideas concerning facial aesthetic surgery, and to create a convivial and open atmosphere for this very cause. We christened this first international meeting "CATFAS", which stands for Controversies, Art and Technology in Facial Aesthetic Surgery.

Our main focus in the CATFAS seminars is to bring practical information, share tips and tricks, and discuss possible complications. Throughout the years we have also added live surgery to the concept with the help of state of the art audiovisual techniques such as High Definition broadcasting.


Thanks to the high quality contributions of faculty members and the intense discussions, the CATFAS-meetings have earned a reputation as a think tank within our subspecialty. This has motivated us to expand the concept to include in depth one-day teaching courses on the MACS-lift Short Scar Rhytidectomy.


We would very much like to invite you to our future CATFAS seminars or Advanced MACS-lift courses. Our meetings are all organized in English and take place in the charming city of Gent, which is celebrated for its warm hospitality and historical atmosphere.

We hope to see you soon.


Yours faithfully,

Patrick Tonnard
Alexis Verpaele