Author Article
Dr. Patrick L. Tonnard, PhD, MD
Augmentation Blepharoplasty: A Review of 500 Consecutive Patients
Aesthetic Surgery Journal
August 2012
Volume 33
Pg 347-352
Dr. Patrick L. Tonnard, Dr. Alexis Verpaele, Dr. Geert Peeters, Dr. Moustapha Hamdi, Dr. Maria Cornelissen, Dr. Heidi Declercq
Nanofat grafting: basic research and clinical applications
Plastic and reconstructive surgery journal
October 2013
Volume 132 pg 1017-1026
Dr. Richard Bensimon
Croton Oil Peels
Dr. Assaf A. Zeltzer, Dr. Patrick L. Tonnard, Dr. Alexis Verpaele
Sharp-Needle Intradermal Fat Grafting (SNIF)
January 2012
Aesthetic Sugery Journal
Vol 32 pg 554-561