Pre-Satellite course to CATFAS V


This pre-satellite course to the CATFAS V meeting is intended to provide in-depth teaching on the technology and the practical use of micropolyurethane-covered silicone gel implants in breast augmentation. In the morning a 3hours in-depth theoretical course will be given on the technology of the implants and rationale of using polyurethane covered prostheses, followed by advanced teaching concerning the aesthetics of augmentative mammoplasty.In the afternoon there will be 2 sessions of interactive edited video demonstrations on breast augmentation with polyurethane-covered implants.


We will share all the tips and tricks and the latest developments of the technique. At the end of the teaching day, we want the participants to master every detail of the procedure and to have received an answer to all of their technical questions. Upon leaving, everybody should feel comfortable to perform a breast augmentation using micropolyurethane covered silicone gel implants.


The approach will be highly interactive with almost one-on-one teaching by Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Verpaele, who both have more than 10 years experience with polyurethane implants.

Basic knowledge of breast augmentation surgery is a prerequisite.



Patrick Tonnard , Alexis Verpaele & Moustapha Hamdi

Program Directors & Congress Organizers






Course scheduled on:


Thursday, September 3rd, 2015